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Triangle’s Work In Times of War DVD-ROM is a compilation of Richard Talbot & Carran Waterfield’s award-winning collaborations with museum professionals and their unique productions inspired by Coventry’s World War Two archives and collections.

The development of Triangle’s creative response to official and informal archives is recorded in this DVD-ROM. High-quality video documentation from recent large-scale performances in remote locations is compiled here alongside child participants’ hand-held footage from the early development in gallery spaces. Previously unseen documentation from Triangle archives introduces Carran Waterfield’s first performative interpretations of the impact of war on the home front in Coventry.
Four projects are analysed in depth and supported with project descriptions, transcribed performance texts, critical analysis and interviews with the company and the many young participants, trainee actors, museum professionals and educationalists who have worked on these projects.

The DVD-ROM provides a thorough introduction to Triangle’s interactive strategies, comical re-enactments, and the company’s philosophy of work with young people. Also included is practical production information.

Triangle’s war projects have been cited as exemplary in the fields of both museum studies and interactive performance. This DVD-ROM has been specially designed for teachers, students and practitioners of Applied Theatre Studies, Museum Studies, and Actor Training, and will be of interest to students of Cultural Studies, Peace Studies, Child Psychology Studies, Modern History, Language Studies, Tourism and Leisure.
This project is supported by PALATINE and The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry.

July 2007

The Launch event was held at Coventry Cathedral


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Kathryn Beale
Amy Brown
Paige Finch
Alke Groppel-Wegener
Herbert Media
Anthony Jackson
Paul Johnson
Robin Johnson
Andy Littlewood
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Jon Pratt
Lisa Price
Craig Shelton
Vince Southcott
Richard Talbot
Carran Waterfield
James Waterfield
Lesley Whelan
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