Carran is the founder and artistic director of Triangle. She has an international reputation for her intuitive, provocative and physical style of performance. Her innovative work with young people has been extensively documented internationally.

She has extensive experience as an actor, director, teacher and project manager.

"Carran Waterfield is a rare breed of performer in the British Theatre" - New Theatre Quarterly - GODIVA

"Carran Waterfield avoids melodrama in her compelling performance" - The Independent - THE DIG

"delirious in every sense" - The Times - TRIBUTE

"mesmerising and horrifying in her final outburst" - The Independent THE ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS

"rewardingly rich visual theatre" - The Guardian - LOOKING FOR THE TALLYMAN




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Triangle Training Programme November 2007 - Course Leader

Triangle Training Programme February 2007 - Course Leader

Turning the Tides - Presenter - National Drama - Sydney, Australia - September 2006

Many Players, Many Parts - Victoria Museum - Melbourne, Australia - October 2006

Triangle Training Programme April/August 2006 - Course Leader

Visiting Artist/consultant: The Glass house - Kindle Theatre 2006

Performance, Learning and Heritage Advisory Board Member

Youth Arts Award Adviser

Creative Partnerships Coventry Archives Project Consultant

Triangle Training Programme February 2006 - Course Leader

Extending Our Reach - IMTAL Global Conference - The Whissell and Williams Training Camps - October 2005 - National Museum of Australia

Feminine Theatre - Magdalena - The Articulate Practitioner July 2005 - Aberystwyth University

Unlocking the Stories - PALATINE - July 2005 - Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

What's in it for us - PALATINE - May 2005 - Oxford Brookes University

Museum Theatre Practice - IMTAL - Feb 2005

Mentor/consultant - Kindle Theatre - 2005

Devising Theatre - University of Birmingham Oct/Nov 2004

Devising Theatre - University of Birmingham Feb/Mar 2004

Transit Festival - Denmark - January 2004

Godiva and White Riding - USA - 2004

Veiling - Women, veils and mythology June 2003

The Voice in performance - DeMontfort University Oct 2005 and guest lecturer -

Performance Artist in Residence - The Herbert - 2001 -2005

Artistic Director - The Little Herberts - 2001 - 2005

Undercover - Women and Sacrifice May 2003

Devising Consultant - Belgrade/Snarling Beasties/Fountain and The Shysters Theatre Companies
1997 - 2000

Devising Consultant - Thin Line Theatre Co. 1997

Devising Consultant - Snarling Beasties 1995-1997

Consultant - Pathways Theatre Company 1995

Creating with Artists - University fo Warwick - 1997

Performance Artist in residence - University of Warwick 1995- 2000

Creating as Artists - University of Warwick 1995

Devising Theatre - Coventry University - 1995

Drama Consultant - Finham Park School - 1995

Movement consultancy - Leicester Haymarket - 1995

Devising Theatre - The New York Summer School - 1994

The Odin Experience - Coventry Belgrade - 1994

Intercultural Project - Coventry Belgrade - 1994

Movement Consultant - Nottingham Playhouse - 1993

Devising Theatre - Straws, Leicester University - 1993

Movement Consultant - Theatre of the Unemplyed 1989

Artistic Director - Bare Essentials - 1989 - 1999

Drama in Schools - a physical approach - Inset Coventry LEA - 1989-1993

Publications referring to the work of Carran Waterfield/Triangle
contact company for copies

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Unpublished articles referring to the work of Carran Waterfield/Triangle
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Barnfather, H., (2005) An Evaluation of Museum Theatre Training - unpublished

Barnsley, S., (2002) Can the active participation of children in a drama process have a positive impact on their personal development? Loughborough University - unpublished

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The Last Women - current

Chico Talks/The Pollard Trail - 2006

Don't Play Near the Water - 2006

War is Over - 2005

Beastly Beauties (Kindle Theatre) - 2004/05

The Singing Nun (Associate Director/collaborative artist) -2003/05

Chico Talks - 2005 - collaborating artist/consultant director

Coventry Kids in the Blitz - 2004

Kings, Queens, Clowns and Gold - 2004

Sin Dex (The Little Herberts) - 2003/2004

7777 All Good Girlies Go To Heaven
(Birmingham University) - 2004

The Whissell and Williams Home Front Training Camp
(The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum) - 2003

(Women's Project) - 2003

(The Little Herberts) - 2002/2003

The Story of Red Hair
(The Little Herberts) - 2001/2002

(Crescent Youth Theatre) 2000

The Kingdom of Nina and Frederick
(Fountain Th. Co.) - 1998

Echoes and Omens
(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1998

Candles in the Wind
(Threshold Theatre) - 1997

(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1997

The Playing Ground
(Coventry University) - 1996

The Chosen Path
(Coventry University) - 1995

(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1996

(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1994

Dream Weavers
(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1992

Sticks and Stones
(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1990

The Land of Shapes
(Bare Essentials Youth Theatre) - 1989



WAR IS OVER - 20 minutes (2006)

COVENTRY KIDS IN THE BLITZ - 35 minutes (2005)


DUGOUT! 25 mins (2004)

TRIBUTE 56 mins (2002)

THE LITTLE HERBERTS - DUGOUT! 3 mins - trailer (2002)






Chico Talks/The Pollard Trail (2006)

War is Over (2005) Collaboration Richard Talbot

Coventry Kids in the Blitz (2004) Collaboration Richard Talbot

Godiva, the naked politician and White Riding
- in parallel performance (2004) Collaboration Nor Hall

Sin Dex
(2004) Collaboration Richard Talbot

When the Bough Breaks
(2004) Transit Festival, Denmark

The Whissell and Williams Home Front Training Camp
(2003) Collaboration Richard Talbot)

På genhør med Nina og Frederick
UK and Denmark (2003) Collaboration Richard Talbot

Undercover - the story of my work

The Singing Nun
- a work in progress (2002) Collaboration Richard Talbot

Lovers of the World Unite
(2001/2002) Collaboration Richard Talbot

Listen to the Ocean
(2000/2001) Collaboration Richard Talbot

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

The Quiet Life of Nina and Frederick
(1999) collaboration with Richard Talbot

Looking for the Tallyman
(1998) Collaboration with Richard Talbot Directed by Ian Cameron

My Sister, My Angel
(1997) - Dir Ian Cameron

Tales from the Scrapbook
(1996) Dir Ian Cameron

(1995) - Dir Ian Cameron

(1994) - Dir Ian Cameron

The Dig
(1992) - Dir Ian Cameron

Married Blitz
(1991) - Dir Ian Cameron

Omega and the Golden Water
(1989) - Dir Nigel Stewart



The Pollard Trail (2006/2007) Renaissance West Midlands, ACE

War Is Over (2006) ACE, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Renaissance West Midlands

Coventry Kids in the Blitz (2005) Renaissance West Midlands, ACE

The Whissell and Williams Home Front Training Camp (2004) DFES funded

(2003) SWM funded

The Big Picture
(2002) Coventry LEA funded

(2002) ACE funded

Godiva, the naked politician
(2002) Independent film

From Archaeology to Art (2002) Independent film

The Quiet Life of Nina and Frederick (1999) Lottery funded

1A The Foyer
(1998) Independent film

Nina and Frederick shop for free in Woolworth's
(1998) Independent film

Johnny Watkins Walks on Water (BBC) (1996)



Virtual Exhibition - The Pollard Trail - 2006

The Pollard Trail - Various sites - Hillfields Coventry 2006

Gallery 1 - Chico Talks - CMP Soc Exhibition - The Herbert May 2006

Gallery 1 - Chico Talks assistant to Richard Talbot for his exploration of the clown and particularly the Coventry Clown Chicot - Irving Pollard - The Herbert - February 7 - 22 2005

Gallery 5 The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum April 2004
Sin Dex - a performance installation with The Little Herberts about Archaeology, the Romans, the Celts, The Lunt Fort, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Staircase Gallery:
Theatre photographs, poster and flyers 2001/2002

Staircase Gallery:
The Little Herberts are the Rainbow People 2002.

Staircase Gallery:
Dugout! digital stills 2003

Foyer Gallery:
Theatre Relics - a series.
Theatre Relics 1 - Godiva - Summer 2001
Theatre Relics 2 - Bare Essentials Youth Theatre Oct 2001
Theatre Relics 3 - My Sister My Angel Winter 2001
Theatre Relics 4 - Tributaries Winter 2002
Theatre Relics 5 - The Dig Summer 2002
Theatre Relics 6 - The Tallyman and the Blitz Autumn 2002

Other exhibitions:
The work of The Little Herberts - photographs, drawings and digital film works April 2003

The Story of Red Hair - an interactive installation with Triangle associate artists Richard Talbot and Ali Maclaurin and The Little Herberts April 2002

The Little Herberts Workshop photographs - foyer exhibition Summer 2002

Touring exhibitions accompanying performances:

Looking for the Tallyman 1998

The Dig 1992

Married Blitz - research devising and rehearsal 1990

Omega and the Golden Water - photographs and children's work 1989 - 1990



Curiosity and Imagination Roots and Wings Award
Coventry Kids in the Blitz - (2005)

Musuems and Heritage Awards for Excellence - Best Educational Initiative - Coventry Kids in the Blitz - (2005)

Selection Birmingham Screen Festiva
l - Dugout! - (2004)

Selection Birmingham Film Festival - Tribute (2002)

Edinburgh Scotsman Fringe First - The Dig (1992)

Independent Theatre Award Short list - The Dig (1992)

James Doel Award - Kevin Skym - Business in the Arts - 1992

Best Actress and Most Outstanding Production,
Festival of Experimental Theatre, Volgograd, Russia - Married Blitz (1990)

Lloyds Bank Theatre Challenge - Sticks and Stones - 1990


Previous work/training prior to 1988

1980-1988 - English and Drama teacher - Lyng Hall Comprehensive School, Cardinal Wiseman R.C. School - Head of Drama

1979-1980 - Residential Social Worker - Coventry City Social Services

1978-1979 - Actor/Teacher - Gloucestershire Theatre in Education Team

1975-1978 - B.Ed - St Mary's College of Education, Cheltenham